Morning sunlight illuminates dew on Holland’s green grass. As I ride and listen to music, I notice how my brain is trying to somehow fight back my intention to ride as fast as I can till my muscles hurt. I slow down my breathing but never slow down the speed until the moment I pass horses. Oh, those horses. Light grey, heads straight up. Beauty that I can barely grasp.

Ride to City hall somehow showed me how easy it is to be in a group and in the same time spot so many differences between us – young adventure seekers who are more or less lost a bit in life and have decided to take a challenge and be in EVS (European Voluntary Service).

That moment when I fill up a form in City hall and write in “divorced” in my family status and fill up information about my first husband. It is an odd feeling. It brings back memories of life before. It brings back feeling of complete peace. Of integrity. Of being ok with myself.

Moment of sunshine talks while coming back home. Moment of sharing. Moment of experiencing. Moment of connecting. Moment of togetherness while riding a bike. Moment of saying ‘bye’.

Home. How do you know when you are at home? How my heart truly feels arriving home? Is this true home? Or is it just a moment before truly returning back home?

As the day passes a soundtrack of life plays along. Strange talks about homes and houses and wishes. That what today has been about – riding a bike and feeling of home.


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