From today this is my reflection place. Place where all thought and emotion, spirit and heart combines in lessons of life. Whereas they might be simple or big, that is meaning I choose to give.

Dat of students. Of more than hundred beings standing in front of me. And my heart in stillness. It took 10 minutes to experience myself in front of hundred and get to realisation how peaceful I can be in that moment. How much love and joy I share with everyone who is in front.

Day before I took decision that my vision for 5 hour event for more than 100 students will be joy. And that is what I transferred to the team who worked together with me. And that is what was created throughout the day by everyone of us who worked with students together.

Fast decisions made to change a game so it would fit in program and still bring something new to students. And also would fit with personality of a team member. That is what brought peace at end.

Small interventions while playing games. Building most attractive story about an organisation to introduce a game. But more importantly to raise the energy and transfer it to every student that I come in contact with. So they could enjoy a simple game most. So they would be charged and would have a chance to experience learning through joy. Experience being together through cooperation.

At end it was wonderful and powerful day finished with most lovely team that brought joy, support, clarity, light, strength, commitment, peacefulness, entertainment and love.


And another part of day begun and ended with bit of heaviness in heart of people leaving. Leaving a very dear place, friends and loved ones. And meeting of those with whom I plan future together. To create that what can bring more light and love around. Plans are set. Actions to take. Results to reach. And most importantly – love and light to give.


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